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Learn how to recognize templates and template-based documents in Dreamweaver Design view and Code view.

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Recognize templates in Design view In Design view, editable regions appear in the Document window surrounded by rectangular outlines. See the bottom pane in the Document window to view the name of the region. You can identify a template file by looking at the title bar in the Document window.

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The filename extension for the file is. Everything between these comments will be editable in documents based on the template.

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Recognize template-based documents in Design view In a document based on a template a template-based documenteditable regions appear in ismerkedés text template Design view of the Document window surrounded by rectangular outlines in dotted lines. The bottom of the window shows the name of the region.

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In addition to the editable-region outlines, the entire page is surrounded by a different-colored outline, with a tab in the upper-right corner giving the name of the template that the document is based on. Recognize template-based documents in Code view In Code view, editable regions of a document derived from a template appear in a different color than code in the non-editable regions.

You can make changes only to code in the editableregions or editable parameters but you cannot type in locked regions.

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