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Regisztrálj vagy lépj be, hogy meg tudjuk mutatni, mennyiben feleltek meg egymás keresési feltételeinek! Regisztrálok Good girls came in heaven, bad ones to everywhere Let me allow to tell you more about me.

Lot társkereső I am doing a lot of sports, jogging, race bike and studio, this year I was already running a Marathon and made the second place with a cup in Vienna in my age class by my ffirst one, next hammer strength sorban egykarú may be the first place if I have a lot of luck. We have a lot of mountains in Austria for walking and hiking in the Alps, in Winter skiing.

Same I like England and London verry much and the English people.

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If I go to a new place I see always the best und what has value, and there is everywhere something. Same I have a good eidentical perception to enjoy live, I am now 51, but I must say, I have not lost my lot társkereső child in me.

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I am looking for a long time relationship not only a flirt, to enjoy and be happy and to be a team, same there is for me important that there is a direct connection in emotion and soul, Yes, soul, sounds a little bit spiritual but you can feel it and when you touch another its lot társkereső new and and same time you now that you are at home.

Its bringing both to be one in the moment and its real luck, better then anything else and you can enjoy all other totaly.

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Its the energy between two people, it is or it is not. Here in Austria its not complicated to get a relationship but the most women are superficial, thinking not in team or together, living for consumation without low deeper values.

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Not all but a lot. Mutass többetMutass kevesebbet Milyen társat keres?

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From my profession I am selfemployed and can travel and have time to enjoy live together. Mutass többetMutass kevesebbet.

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