Marketing singleview

Find the best audience for your marketing message with advanced targeting and segmentation.

Campaign management and optimization Engage customers with in-moment, individualized experiences by optimizing campaign management.

Cross-channel engagement Interact with customers in the moment with contextually relevant experiences across the customer journey.

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Social campaigns and engagement Deliver impactful social campaigns and engagements that drive sales and increase brand advocacy. Marketing recommendations Increase profits with real-time personalization of marketing recommendations across channels.

Remarketing Analyze browsing behavior and improve customer experiences with advanced remarketing marketing singleview.

Lefordítod a leírást magyar Magyarország nyelvre a Google Fordító segítségével? Leírás visszafordítása angol Egyesült Államok nyelvre Fordítás The official American Express Mobile App for Android® allows you to keep track of your account, view rewards and log in with the marketing singleview of a finger on supported Android devices. With an easy-to-use personalized activity timeline, it brings the latest transaction information, targeted marketing and advertising via Amex Offers and recommendations in a single view. Now with Amex Pay, you can tap to pay when you activate mobile contactless payments, or simply scan Amex-accepting QR Codes to pay. Also, receive Purchase Alerts whenever you make a purchase to keep track of your spending.

Marketing Execution Gain visibility and control of the entire closed-loop marketing process to increase ROI. Enlarge SAP Marketing Cloud Drive revenue and growth by tapping a single view of your customers to deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer journey. Social listening and sentiment analysis Marketing singleview insight into customer sentiment and interests to deliver personalized, real-time experiences. Insights and performance management Optimize marketing with current customer insights and performance measurement and management.

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Marketing planning and budgeting Improve agility and transparency with a centralized, real-time view of marketing budget and spend. Digital asset management Enhance productivity, compliance, and revenues by using digital asset management processes.

Sales lead management Maximize revenue by focusing on leads with the greatest probability of being turned into customers.

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