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Once the plastic containers are molded and checked, they are moved via a conveyor belt past the robot arms, which are each fitted with two OnRobot grippers, so they can pick up two items at a time and stack them correctly, making them ready for packing.

Previously, the finished infusion containers were collected in a large packing bin, from which they were manually checked, stacked, and packed.

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MedicoPack deemed that this could be done more expediently, not just in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of contamination risk. Therefore, MedicoPack opted for automating the stacking process. The cleanliness of the product is very important to our customers, because meeting nő venezuela products will be used for medication, and it matters what touches the medication.

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It is no longer necessary for an employee to stand by the conveyor belt and count the items while ensuring they are oriented the right way.

This frees up both time and resources.

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He is also excited about the design of the grippers. There are no hoses running the length of the robot, like one might normally see. It is a nice look that contributes to simplifying the entire concept, delivering a clean look and high quality for the customers.

The product was so revolutionary that it replaced the traditional glass bottles that were used for infusions at the time.

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