Sap know. Deliver product experiences that turn customers into fanatics

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Írjon nekünk! Run a customer-centric supply chain Success in the experience economy comes down to trust and speed. Companies need to anticipate, create, and fulfill demand fast and reliably — or risk getting left behind.

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Deliver product experiences that turn customers into fanatics Combine experience data X with operational data O to seamlessly link demand signals to your fulfillment engine — and run a customer-centric supply chain.

Know what customers want Connect demand signals and analyze sentiment to gain deeper sap know into what your customers want — before they even know they want it.

Gain supply chain visibility Get the complete visibility you need to predict and react to shifting conditions, provide real-time customer updates, and keep your delivery promises. Stand for something good Design and build sustainable products your customers want that are ethically sourced and generate minimal waste.

Figyelje meg a következő kifejezéseket és azok jelentését: IaaS: Szolgáltatásként nyújt infrastruktúrát. PaaS: Szolgáltatásként platform. SaaS: Szolgáltatott szoftver.

Optimize loads and routes to reduce emissions. Great product experiences are built on smart digital supply chains Companies excel when they give customers the product experiences they demand — while making it all look easy with an intelligent digital supply chain.

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