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KG is a young company which employs state-of-the-art laser technology to provide most innovative solutions in the singles neckarsteinach of embossing and anilox rollers and plates. Dietmar Buchholz, the company founder and member with economically strategic background is very familiar with the industry from personal experience.

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Long experience in the main areas of industry and in the manufacture of rollers guarantee know-how, high quality, and continuity. Our valuable employees come from the engraving trade or the 3D data processing, respectively, and strive for the fulfilment of your requirements with know-how and an innovative spirit.

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We support you in the implementation of your ideas from the creation of 3D singles neckarsteinach up to the finished laser-treated roller or plate. Together with our innovative employees, we are attuned to fast implementation of your wishes and offer you a unique service which has not existed yet in the area of embossing. The laser technology we can offer you reaches a depth of up to 1 mm as well as a maximum geometry of 2, mm WOB and a circumference of 1, mm.

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Many motifs which are still mostly crafted by hand as a rule today can be produced significantly faster, more cost-effective in the medium term and, above all, more environmentally friendly. Our entire enterprise will delve into the digital world in all processes from the very beginning, i.

Thereby we are able to offer you also all digital interfaces into your system landscape.

The possible fields of application can be found in the areas of the packaging industry,coating industry, leather industry, decor industry, automobile industry, glass industry and many other industries. Challenge us, we look forward to your applications. We would be happy to develop together with you new ways in the field of surface coating or in the area of the materials to be used by a roller.

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