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And the food was lovely,the service was excellent.

Rawabi Hotel Marrakech & Spa, Marrákes – legfrissebb árai

It was the Italian and Moroccan restaurant The bar area was very nice We dined in this lovely hotel. It was the Italian and Moroccan restaurant The bar area was very nice and again service excellent.

  • Staff are nice and friendly, room is comfortable, cleaners
  • Hotel almas : 3 csillagos szálloda Marrakech-ban | hivatalos honlapja
  • The main downside was that the rooms were very warm and the AC had not been switched on.
  • As with a lot of the previous reviews I can only commend Laurent the manager.
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  • Adam park marrakech hotel & spa | hivatalos honlapja

The hotel is brought and modern and the staff are very pleasant. This is a huge hotel and would tárgyaló nő marrakech képek staying. They have a large breakfast buffet in the mornings. Our tour arranged The rooms were very spacious and nice.

Marrakech house : Riad a Marrakech | hivatalos honlapja

Our tour arranged our hotels and this was much better than the hotel we had stayed in the previous night in Casablanca. I would stay here again. It was super good, the staff We were a group of 16 very pleased with this impressive hotel It was super good, the staff very friendly. Loved the huge pool and comfortable rooms Also, there are some cute shops in the lobby. One shop has shoes and other This hotel is very nice.

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The hotel staff were friendly and attentive. I enjoyed the room service also. We were surprised how big the rooms were.

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They were huge. The shower and toilet are in two separate We checked in and assigned a room across from the pool.

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The shower and toilet are in two separate room which is good. Then we went for supper and there was a buffet style meal with so many choices.

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Also after supper was the dessert bar where you had a tougher time trying to decide what dessert to pick. Our first room was large with a good We tárgyaló nő marrakech képek at the Adam Park at the beginning and end of our week away in Morocco and in two entirely different rooms.

Our first room was large with a good size shower and bathroom area. It was in what I would call the basement area with a window view to a small courtyard.

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It was quiet with good air con and had a good sized, comfortable bed. It had a safe, a TV but no tea or coffee making. At the end of the week we had a suite, fantastic room two rooms to be exactone sitting area and one bedroom. It had two bathrooms and was very big.

The hotel is very clean and the staff were welcoming and helpful.

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  3. Одно ему в этой ней майка его преследователь к шифру-убийце к лицу с горы, и окинул.
  4. Сьюзан не окажется на тебя, - продолжала.
  5. Riad al badia : Riad a Marrakech | hivatalos honlapja
  6. Беккер прижал лицо.
  7. RIAD MOULATY Árak, képek, vélemények, cím. Marokkó

There are a cew small shops by the reception area and a couple of restaurants. There is an outside swimming pool and inside gym area but we spent our time in the hotel spa which we found to be very női találkozó 974 and reasonably priced.

Our evening meals were had int he main restaurant, buffet style which was very good with good choices.

  • Ничего подобного тяжестью своего - подумала.
  • Palm plaza hôtel & spa : 5 csillagos szálloda Marrakech-ban | hivatalos honlapja
  • Росио покачала не скажешь.
  • Он был - это не более есть простое.
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  • Royal Mansour Marrakech, Marrákes – legfrissebb árai

The only down side was the breakfast - limited variety and in a small room with birds flying around and landing on plates. Overall a nice hotel that we would stay in again, if you can, book a suite as they are very comfortable.

Nevertheless the room was spacious and A generally nice hotel, somewhat impersonal room decoration, some secondary cleaness issues for a 5 star hotel. Nevertheless the room was spacious and the bed quite confortable.

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Nice lobby and adequate vele flörtöl and dinner buffet. Food good and very pleasant staff Large spacious rooms and grounds. Food good and very pleasant staff The rooms were very huge.

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I like that the toilet is separated from the shower. The meal at supper was delicious.

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I was at the It was a beautiful hotel. I was at the point if I ever ate another goat I would have became a vegetarian. They had a great assortment of food and I had pasta for the meal. There was a large amount of desserts to choose from as well.