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Generally, we work with three different fee options: — In case of legal counselling, an hourly rate is established, which is in proportion with the time required for managing the given case.

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Quotations are available in knowledge of the given case, following preliminary consultation. Péter Molnár attorney-at-law, office manager Attorney-at-law and office manager Dr.

Following a successful bar exam, he worked at a major Hungarian corporation as a legal counsellor, and went on to co-found the ügyvéd törekszik nő in He relies on over three decades of professional experience upon providing clients — including several business associations among long-term clients — with legal representation.

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He speaks German on a conversational level. Csaba Molnár-Asbóth attorney-at-law Attorney-at-law Dr. Inhe completed a course in legal English organised by Precedens Stúdió; therefore, he has a working knowledge of the language.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us! Preliminary consultations require an appointment! Parking spaces are available in the surrounding streets, and the offices are easily accessible through subway line 2, tram linesor bus lines 7, or Uránia bus stop.

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